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our high-end


4 wireless transmitters for long range coverage transmitting over mobile networks

2 wireless transmitters for up to 700 meters distance and reliable point to point transmission

Fully remote controlled robot cameras allowing 360° views from up to 100 meters around the studio

Studio with newest technology for instant replay, graphic effects and remote show guests

The best Team & Equipment


Our mobile camera team, experienced and briefed in re-locating constantly to guarantee the most amazing pictures and to cover the action.
All cameras transmit with almost no delay through latest wireless-technology.


whether inside closed areas at your company’s event or outside along the race track – we can provide the right equipment, controlled remotely to spare staff and costs.

Live Commentary

Our team of live hosts is specialized in many areas and come with a huge background knowledge providing commentaries, live-interviews and background information.

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Let’s talk.

We’re a team of professionals who are excited about unique ideas and help you to stream your event and go viral.

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